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In 2011, we released the Creator Playbook – the one stop shop for best practices to build a loyal and engaged audience on YouTube. Since then, we’ve been working hard to tailor these strategies to the unique needs of our different content creators. Whether you’re a nonprofit organization trying to drive social awareness, or a musician looking to engage further with your fans through live streaming, we recognize that you all have different needs. To help, we’ve created a new set of resources called Playbook Guides. Playbook Guides are intended to provide specific examples and strategies to build audiences around your content type. As with the YouTube Creator Playbook, these techniques are meant as best practices and not a set of rules or guaranteed tricks to make your videos successful. The start of any successful channel and the ability to grow an audience always starts with making great content! Playbook Guides are now available in the following categories: Sports, Music, Education, Media Companies, and Nonprofits. These Playbook Guides are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Creator Playbook, which is the main resource for site-wide best practices. The latest version can always be found here:

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